Senin, 07 Juli 2008

Translating books

Translating books is an interesting job for translators especially if the books give you information you need. That's why I almost never refuse book translation jobs offered to me. So far I have translated more than 10 books. Certainly you will words difficults to translated but you have to complete the translation. So the best way may be trying to find the best translation you can find for those words.

Jumat, 04 Juli 2008

I am an English-Indonesian translator

This is a blog for all who require Indonesian translations and for all who require languages for their communications and for those who just want to read something. I am Ikram Mahyuddin, Jalan Wisma Winaya 6 Bandung 400228. As an experienced translator, I will provide you accurate English-Indonesian translation services. At present I've been working as a freelance translator for some clients, including a book publisher, from Indonesia and abroad. Just contact me at +62 817 921 9849 or if you need English-Indonesian translation services. Thank you.